Dairy Allergy? Here's Why Vegan Ice Cream is a Great Substitute

Dairy Allergy? Here's Why Vegan Ice Cream is a Great Substitute

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Cheese, milk, and ice cream. While these are favorite foods for many people (or part of a normal diet if you’re from Wisconsin), they just aren’t something you’re able to eat.

If you’ve ever felt out of place because you have dairy allergies and can’t partake in common foods like these, you aren’t alone. Thanks to a need for dairy-free foods, it’s now possible to find items like fake cheese and vegan ice cream.

Learn more about this fun alternative to normal dairy ice cream, and see why you should make it a permanent part of your diet.

It’s a Healthy Alternative if You Like to Indulge

If you’re looking for a cool, sweet treat, but can’t have regular ice cream, let the vegan variety woo you. Vegan ice cream has health benefits such as:

  • Effortless weight loss
  • Less bloating
  • Clear skin
  • Fewer sinus issues

When you consume dairy, it’s easier to pack on the pounds with added calories from the fat in milk. Even if you choose low calorie or nonfat milk or ice cream, this can still be an issue for some people.

Some people produce too much mucus when they eat dairy products. If you have problems related to sinus issues, breakouts, or similar issues that make themselves known after consuming milk products, see what happens when you try the vegan version.

By switching to vegan alternatives, you’ll have the chance to pinpoint any possible issues where your body has adverse reactions. Then you can make the best choices around your diet and health.

Your Sensitive Stomach Won’t Feel Sick When You Eat Vegan Ice Cream

As mentioned earlier, dairy doesn’t agree with some folks and can worsen problems they have with digestion. How do you know if you’re one of these people?

See how you feel after having products that contain a lot of dairy. Look out for symptoms such as:

  • Feeling sick to your stomach
  • Gassy feelings
  • Dizzy

Adopting a vegan lifestyle has several health benefits that often clear up once you change your eating habits. See how you feel after trying vegan ice cream, and notice if the difference is worth a switch.

Chances are it is, and you’ll never go back to a diet that consists of animal products. Living a plant-based lifestyle has benefits that include feeling better, losing weight, and getting the chance to indulge in foods that taste just like their non-vegan counterparts-without the problems.

Vegan Ice Cream is Great If You Have Allergies

Dairy allergies are common among people of all ages. Some people have them as children, while others develop a dairy allergy later in life.

Dairy allergies range from only a symptom or two or many. They can be mild or severe, all of which makes eating dairy not a good option for someone.

Some of the problems associated with these allergies are:

  • Hives
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach problems
  • Diaherra

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the foods you love without suffering from allergic problems is by switching to dairy-free alternatives. Vegan ice cream is one way of enjoying the taste and texture of your favorite frozen treats without worrying about allergic reactions that come afterward.

There’s no reason to hold back when you can eat responsibly and safely. If you’ve always wondered if there was a way you could enjoy your favorite treats and not feel the effects afterward, try an ice cream made just for you, and start enjoying life again.

It’s Environmentally Responsible and Friendly

One of the best things about becoming a vegan is that you’re making a responsible choice for the environment. Although many people love animal products, it creates a lot of waste and environmental damage.

This includes creating food to feed the cows, housing enough cows to create dairy, and milking the cows. The cows produce waste, and the smell carries over to nearby areas, making it unsafe and unsanitary for people and animals.

Many experts found a link that shows raising animals for food or their milk is linked to greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn, contributes to global warming. Soil, water, and air are all affected when large amounts of land are required to raise, house, and feed animals.

If you’re ready for a change that benefits not only your health but also the planet as a whole, make the change over to a vegan lifestyle to help the planet. You’ll get to experiment with your favorite foods in vegan form, and feel better knowing you’re making a positive, healthy change that helps more than just yourself.

Cows Approve of Vegan Ice Cream

The life of a dairy cow is difficult. They are forced to breed, give up their babies without raising them, and must repeat this cycle until they can no longer be used for breeding.

Many people feel moved when they see how these beautiful, intelligent creatures are forced to live, simply to produce milk. Often folks want to help, but don’t know if they can give up milk products, or what their alternatives are.

Thanks to products such as plant-based milk and vegan ice cream, no one has a need for exploiting these beautiful animals. Many of the foods that replace dairy get engineered to mimic a taste that is very close to normal milk, cheese, and ice cream.

If you’re looking for ways to be kind to farmed animals and put a stop to animal cruelty, start by trying vegan foods. Look at what types of dairy products you normally use and see what you can either cut out or switch.

This lifestyle change not only helps your wallet and allows you to feel full of energy, but you can rest assured knowing you’re being proactive in making a difference for animals that get bred for their milk, meat, or both.

After seeing the positive change this makes in your lifestyle, friends, and family are likely to follow your lead, once they see how simple it is to live cruelty-free.

It Comes in Just as Many Flavors as Regular Ice Cream

One of the best things about trying vegan ice cream out is that it has just as many offerings as its non-vegan counterpart. Imagine going to the store, deciding you want the vegan version of Rocky Road ice cream, and coming home and indulging.

Thanks to companies recognizing what flavors people look for when they want to enjoy their favorite vegan sweets, now you can. Most vegan ice cream gets sold in the frozen food aisle, either in the vegan area or sometimes mixed with regular ice cream.

But what if you’re feeling creative, and don’t want to simply buy from the store? That’s okay because there are several different recipes for vegan ice cream.

You’ll get the chance to create your own flavors and try out what you like best. You might discover a flavor that you never tried with regular ice cream, but it’s now become your favorite. Just because you no longer have dairy in your diet doesn’t mean your toppings get limited.

Try adding fresh or frozen berries, candy sprinkles, or any variety of vegan syrups to give your new ice cream an extra splash of fun.

Learn More About Why Vegan Tastes Better

Going vegan is not always an easy or immediate change for many people. The process takes time, knowledge, and a trial and error process of what is best for you and your diet.

Start by making simple and easy changes to the foods you eat and go from there. You might find you still enjoy eggs, but prefer to cut out cows milk and have vegan ice cream instead. There’s no right or wrong way to make the change, so just go with what feels most natural for you.

Learn more about how eating vegan doesn’t have to break the bank, with our blog about finding vegan foods on the cheap. You’ll have fun trying a variety of new foods at half the price, no matter what you enjoy eating.

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Want to try a vegan diet?

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