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Chia Seed Cream with Strawberries and Pumpkin Seeds Crust

Chia Seed Cream with Strawberries and Pumpkin Seeds Crust

One of my favourite things of having the summer just around the corner is the fact that strawberry season comes with it. 

In summertime, I try to take advantage of the abundance of strawberries as much as I possibly can. I like to have them in my kitchen all season long and have them during breakfast. I use them in smoothies, desserts, juices, I eat them as a snack, sometimes I even put them on salads. Strawberries are so versatile and the possibilities are endless.

One of the main reasons I love strawberries so much is because of the power they have to transport me to a different time. Whenever I eat strawberries I'm taken back to when I was a little girl and my mum would take me to the strawberry fields outside the city. 

Chia Seed Cream with Strawberries and Pumpkin Seed Crust ingredients

We wouldn't just go and buy strawberries from the shop on site, we would hand-pick them ourselves and stock up on fresh fruit, as a kid it was such a great and magical experience, being surrounded by sweet, juicy, bright red strawberries, and there were fields covered with them, it seemed unreal!

We were handed a little bucket that, at that time, seemed huge since my little hands could barely hold it, we would walk around the fields until we found an area full of ripen ones ready to be picked, and off we'd go!! 

The point was to fill the bucket but it would take a while since we were allowed to eat as many as we liked along the way, this, by far, was my favourite part of the trip! I would put one in the bucket and three in my mouth. 

Ever since, strawberries became a novelty/comfort food in my book and I add them to nourishing ingredients to make the most out of them all season long.

pumpkin seed crust ingredients

This year I came up with this recipe that is intended to be a dessert but could easily be turned into breakfast or a snack since it's super healthy as as it is delicious.

For the crust you'll need almond flour, dates and pumpkin seeds, this mixture is loaded with protein, natural oils and the dates will give you a boost of energy. The cream consists of dates, vanilla extract, coconut cream and chia seeds; a load of antioxidants, omega-3 fats, and more protein. To top it off, the stars of this show, strawberries, which are rich in fiber, folate and Vitamin C.

You'll have it all ready in 15 min, and you can either have it straight away but I suggest to keep in in the fridge overnight and enjoy the next day for an enhanced flavour. I usually make a big batch and serve it in mason jars as individual portions, this way I can easily store them and take one with me if there are any leftovers. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my family does, it is so delicious and simple to make you'll be wanting to make it all summer long.

Chia Seed Cream with Strawberries and Pumpkin Seed Crust double

Prep time
15 minutes
Total time
Category: Desserts
Serves: 2
Allergens: Coconut


For the crust

  • ¼ cup almond flour
  • 3 dates (stone removed)
  • ⅓ cup roasted pumpkin seeds (soaked)

For the cream

  • 2 tbsps chia seeds
  • ¾ cup coconut cream
  • 3 dates (stone removed)
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • ¼ cup water

For the berries

  • 1 cup strawberries (chopped)


  1. For the cream, mix all the ingredients with a blender and set aside while you make the crust.
  2. Next, add all the ingredients for the crust to a small blender, food processor, or medium mixing bowl. Blend until you have a mixture that sticks together.
  3. Evenly spread the crust mixture to the bottom of a jar, add the cream and top it off with the chopped strawberries.
  4. This dessert tastes better if it's kept it in the fridge before you eat it, enjoy!

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