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Mediterranean Quinoa

Mediterranean Quinoa

This Mediterranean Quinoa is an easy vegan lunch option for your everyday needs. We put together some of our favourite elements of Mediterranean cuisine in a single bowl. With all the good stuff, we came up with this light, flavourful and delicious recipe. You are going to love this nourishing vegan quinoa dish!

We are truly in love with Mediterranean cuisine here at I get a lot of inspiration from it because many of their dishes are already vegan. And some of the ones that are not, are easy to modify to make them suit our needs.

If you are not all that familiar with Mediterranean cuisine, let me begin by saying that has all the goo stuff! It includes olive oil, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein-rich legumes, and different spices. And I don't know how they do it, but they manage to combine ingredients in a way that creates pure magic. 

Mediterranean Quinoa ingredients

The food is very rich in flavour and health benefits. It's actually been called one of the healthiest diets in the world. There is a lot of research backing this up since it has shown many benefits. To name a few, this eating style helps improve weight loss, reduce the risk of depression, reduce levels of inflammation, improve heart health, etc. 

Another thing I love about Mediterranean cuisine is that in a single dish, you can have all the nourishing food you need for a balanced meal. So, this is the main thing I tried to recreate with this Mediterranean vegan quinoa recipe. 

I love one bowl-meals, and this one has it all. First of all, we are getting a few fruits and veggies in the mix. I used cherry tomatoes, red onions, spinach, shiitake mushrooms, and olives. And I'm also throwing in there some cashew nuts and chickpeas. 

chopped onion

We have all sorts of colours, flavours, textures, and a truckload of nutrients already. This is a super flavourful combination, and it's incredibly satisfying. So, to season the whole thing, I'm simply adding a bit of black pepper to enhance the flavours and fresh basil. We don't really need much.

For this recipe, I was trying to find a good alternative for rice. I use brown rice quite a bit in my cooking, so it's always good to switch things up. And quinoa works great for this recipe and boost the health benefits of this delicious dish.  

This is a super easy vegan lunch option. I usually make a big batch and make portions for each day of the week. I find it's a super-easy way to do meal prep and have a healthy and delicious meal when you are out and about. 

Also, if you are feeding a crowd, this is definitely a recipe you want to have handy. Not only is this vegan quinoa dish a crowd-pleaser, but you won't break the bank, and it won't take all that much effort to make. You are going to love it! 

Mediterranean Quinoa single

Prep time
10 minutes
Total time
Category: Lunch, Dinner
Serves: 4
Allergens: Mushrooms, Quinoa, Tomatoes


For the mediterranean quinoa

  • 67 g black olives (cut in half)
  • 75 g cashew nuts (toasted)
  • 149 g cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
  • 152 g chickpeas
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 340 g quinoa
  • 1 medium red onion (thinly sliced)
  • 65 g shiitake mushrooms (sliced)
  • 227 g spinach (washed and chopped)
  • 884 g vegetable broth

For the seasoning

  • ½ tsp black pepper (ground)
  • 6 g fresh basil (thinly sliced)


  1. Add the olive oil to a big pot and saute the onion for about 3 minutes.
  2. Add the shiitake mushrooms and stir fry for another 3 minutes.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients for mediterranean quinoa and simmer for about 20 minutes until all the liquids are absorbed and the quinoa is fully cooked.
  4. Add the seasoning and adjust taste before serving, enjoy!

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